About Ghada Blanco

For the past 20 years, Ghada Blanco has been over productive, turning her dreams into reality by shaping those of others.

With hard work and dedication, Ghada has grown out of the Lebanese market and become one of the most up-and-coming wedding planners across the Middle East and Europe.

Having her family values and “savoir vivre” at the essence of her personality, Ghada is a great person to be guided by and to work with, to trust with decision making, and is a great motivator who finds inspiration wherever she goes.

Ghada is well acknowledged for her devotion to her clients as she reflects their personalities through her events. Your dream is Ghada's dream. As a pioneer in her field, she has made the impossible, possible, numerous times.

Like a chameleon, she is well known for her highly developed ability to adapt, customize and spice-up all her events. Her passion for design and business empowered by her love for people has allowed her to effectively plan, organize, and execute many of the most charming and charismatic fairytale weddings.

Having travelled to more than 40 countries, and being exposed to different cultures, Ghada is a citizen of the world. Born in Lebanon and raised in England, she is involved in several charities focused on children's education and health.

The party planner of choice for numerous members of royal families around the Middle East, what sets Ghada apart is her unique approach to design. She brings a new definition to fashion whilst always remaining classy.

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The process

We start by understanding the heart of your event: carefully grasping your personal DNA or company culture, followed by the location, time of year and design around it.

We offer you the best suited venues and coordinate with suppliers in the most efficient way, reflecting perfectly the type of event you require and within your budget.

Once this step is decided, we start hand in hand filling up the details: from the stationary, ceremony and reception concepts, floral designs, food and photography, entertainment and transport.

We then apply our trained reflexes and start creating a senses based experience, sharpening our focus on everything you smell, touch, see, and hear in order to reach a tasteful and sophisticated results. The outcome of this process should well resonate amongst your guests, filling them in such a complex yet enchanting way to create a memorable and lasting experience.

The process